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Special Agent Damburger

Outdoor Escape Games and Urban Adventures

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Zen Garden


Rediscover London with the eyes of a secret agent

per person

per person

per person


Unique outdoor and hands-on experiences

Hands-on puzzles

With us,  you don't play on an app or a phone. 

Use gadgets & tools found during your adventure to solve real puzzles.

Outdoor and supported

Our adventures will make you rediscover areas of London - Secret gardens, hidden details,...

During your adventure, you can ask for help via a walkie talkie and receive hints....But only if you need it.

Look around

Find your way using the special maps provided.

Observe every detail to find clues that will help you to open safes and boxes hidden on the way.

60 mins

Our games are designed to be fast-paced and fun.


Walking time is limited to maximize your time on puzzles.

Man with Sunglasses


We are passionate about games, puzzles and adventures. The idea to create that game bloomed after missing out on a sunny afternoon while playing an indoor escape game.

We want to offer you a unique experience, outdoor and away from your phone. You will observe and discover the unexpected hidden gems that London can offer.

We hope you will enjoy these adventures as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. 

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