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The stolen ring (Mayfair)

A bank has been robbed. Find the precious heirloom of Dr. Wade.

This adventure happens in the centre of Mayfair, famous for its private banks. Our agency obtained a very promising lead and you will be equipped with your special agent's kit (UV lights and other gadgets) in order to find the ring of Dr. Wade. Look around for clues. Put on your thinking cap to solve puzzles. Use your tools to retrieve the ring. Get ready for a fun and challenging hour of problem solving in the style of indoor escape rooms. £ 15 per person - Min: 2 people / Max: 5 people

  • Current Record: 56 mins

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation does not give the right to a refund. In case of rain, the adventure can be rescheduled within the next month.

Contact Details

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